About Us

A word from the Director General 

There is nothing more beautiful than the feeling of happiness and joy for a person, but this feeling and feeling have components that may not be easy to find. That is why many people who have a culture of life are keen to search for means that help them overcome anything that brings joy and pleasure, and scientific and medical studies have proven that the first ingredients of joy and pleasure are roses and flowers, so you find most people keen to buy very large quantities of them on wedding occasions, because they Give a wonderful impression on those occasions. As is well known, the sources of happiness are different. Some of them are if you hear happy news, and some of them are beautiful and enchanting scenes that bring peace to the soul.. This is what we mean. With the development of life and the difference in cultures between people, we have a new culture represented in providing flowers and roses on all occasions, and it is no longer limited to weddings and graduation ceremonies, if many are keen that roses be part of the home or office decorations, because they believe that they emit a psychological smell On the beholder, as well as giving the place a breathtaking beauty. Some studies confirm that happiness may be transmitted through infection, and for this you see that the spread of the phenomenon of increased demand for flowers represents the transmission of happiness from one person to another. Because of our great faith in that, we were keen in   Castillo International general trading and contracting CO. WLL general trading and contracting CO. WLL to provide our customers with a distinguished service, as we were keen to diversify import sources from different countries of the world, and this is a pledge we made to be pioneers in our field

Diversity of sources of roses 

Continuity in providing different types and forms of roses and flowers to our customers requires the multiplicity of countries from which roses are imported, so we made sure that our sources are in

several countries.

Why Castillo International general trading and contracting CO. WLL Company for Flowers and Plants?

Our wide variety has become widely and widely known as "Culture of Flowers and Roses". We may not be able to limit it, the editorial in which the use of roses within the decoration of homes and offices, in order to add joy and happiness in the hearts of the onlookers, as it is considered a psychological treatment. From this standpoint, the Board of Directors of the International  Castillo International general trading and contracting CO. WLL Company assigned specialists in the world of roses and plants to study this culture, and provide an integrated vision And then develop an integrated strategy for how to provide services to provide flowers and plants from different countries of the world, to be accessible to consumers, individuals and companies. A specialized team conducted field studies to search for the best international companies that have a long history in the field of flower cultivation, roses and plants. An agreement was reached with giant companies in (Netherlands - Ecuador - Kenya - Sri Lanka), and negotiations are underway with companies in other countries. Our specialists have made sure that our sources are from different continents, taking into account the change of seasons and climate in some countries, which negatively affects the roses, and the incubators in those countries differ from one country to another affected by the climate of those countries, so we had to diversify the sources Import roses. When the rose season ends in a country due to climate change, our specialists are keen to import them from countries where the rose season has just begun, and undoubtedly this is a bet we put in our necks to be as we promised our customers to provide the quantities they need throughout the year


The real value in a person's life is the extent to which he is able to provide happiness and a sense of beauty within him as it has been said, "One thing is desirable for itself," which is happiness. Therefore, the values that we are keen on in the  Castillo International general trading and contracting CO. WLL Company for Flowers and Plants are to search for dierent types of roses and owers because we believe that the multiplicity of owers and roses in type and shape will be diverse in colors, and as psychologists conrm that colors have a positive psychological magic on humans


Being keen to provide the best types of service to our customers by providing a dierent assortment of roses and owers that give their dierent occasions joy, beauty and happiness, and our work team guarantees our customers high quality and outstanding service